Email & Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Grow Your Business & Make More Money with Emails Your Clients Love To Open and Content That Converts

the money is in the list

Raise Your Hand If You’ve Checked Your email At Least Once Today

99% of consumers check their emails every day (some checking their emails more than 20 times a day).

Email is your customer’s most used form of communication…

So why aren’t you using it to make more money?

Harness the power of email so you can:

Relax On The Couch and Watch That Netflix Series

No more stressing about where your customers are. You can reach your customers anywhere at anytime. More than 3 billion emails are sent every day and the number of email users is expected to grow.

Smile When You Check Your Bank Account

Every $1 you spend on effective and strategic email marketing campaigns can result in a $42 return. That’s a 4200% Return on Investment.

Never be held hostage by algorithms again

You own your list which means you’re in control. You don’t have to worry about following the latest social media trend or agonize over what to do if your account gets banned.


Make Money While You Sleep

Create freedom in your business and your life. Email marketing automation makes your life easier by pushing customers through the sales funnel without you having to lift a finger.


templates coming soon

Shop Industry Specific Email Templates

Small business owners and solo entrepreneurs have enough on their to-do list.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be one of them.

We’re cooking up some awesome email design and industry-specific email copy templates for your business.